Who knows about 3D glasses(virtual reality helmet)?

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Guys who are versed in the topic? And I can not understand.
That is, the points generally with a large range of prices. Can someone explain what they are popular what is the difference and what to look for when choosing?
And then there are some points for 50 bucks, and there are over 1000. And what is the result?
And yet there are points where you put the phone - I did not understand what it gives. Phone there as that is simply for processing power and the screen is also activated?
In particular, interested in the Oculus rift, vr mi play and HTC why helmets are so expensive?
and whether BP ochkoy PlayStation have PlayStation itself? And is there any meaning in the glasses for 10 bucks? For example AIR VR 360.

Update: below is a little he wrote on the subject in the response.
To the same questions themes answers received:
1 glasses for$ 10 the meaning is still there - you can get the initial view. But comfort is not guaranteed. Like how you can draw and paint in photoshop, but the process will differ.
2 glasses which is inserted into the phone and uses the screen and the phone's CPU. Glasses without the phone have a small screen, and the signal received from the computer.
3 NTS helmets are expensive because there are more different sensors in the helmet and external.
4 Yes, points for PS4 you need the PlayStation - he is the source of the signal.
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There are three basic ways for 3D
1. Storony mechanism. Came from Sony. The most expensive and heavy glasses. The idea is that the glasses are active. The left and right eye opens and closes with high frequency. Synchronizes with the TV (usually infrared). Accordingly, the TV shows the image for the left eye, then right. The frequency is high enough.
Pluses - all is well with the colour. The angle of view is almost not important.
Cons - expensive sunglasses, due to the closure of typically reduced brightness. Only works with Sony TVs (I do not remember that sold other brands).

2. The red-blue image. Sunglasses with colored glasses. Extinguishes one blue, the other red puts out, TV therefore produces two images, one with the more red, the other more blue.
Pros - cheap sunglasses. You do not need any special.technology, on any screen, you can give this picture.
Cons - poor color reproduction. Image quality also suffers.

3. Polarization - the most popular technology. There are even a few options (one is iMax). Glasses are not particularly expensive. The left and right lens with different polarization, the screen therefore produces two images.
Cons - the screen should be able to give out pictures with the desired polarization, and therefore, it is more expensive.
Pros - the glasses are extremely cheap, with colors all is normal.

Otherwise, the cost may depend on the lens material - plastic, film or glass.
Well, the rim - if diamond can and $ 1,000 cost. Otherwise the quality rarely changes.
The coolest mass implementation of 3d at the moment, the iMax, and there are points in General penny. Enough of them. So basically for polarizing glasses, the difference in comfort (frame, material of lens)
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Those that phone - use phone screen. It shows two pictures, which are then sent to lenses eye. The quality depends on the phone's screen and a little from his brain.

Those that are "factory" like oculus, htc vive, sony - differ slightly with the quality of the screen, different response time (important!), differ in weight and convenience, the number of accessories and the number of compatible software.
If you want to buy, you go first in any VR club, test different models, preferably not by 10 minutes and longer. It may be that in some viewing angles are not the same, and in other stupidly hot to sit through 20 minutes of sweat fills the eye.
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well you know that 500 and 1000 may not be the same? there generation some here will come a new
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Have glasses with its built-in display, sensor, sensors, gyroscopes. The resolution of the display + nationalnosti sensors affects the cost.
There are points in which is inserted a smartphone. This is the cheapest option, because the display and sensors are taken from the smartphone.
Type in Google Play search for "VR" and put 5-10 applications. Then you will understand what it is.
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Tried "the box" for $3 where the phone is inserted. The phone has a resolution of about <700px. Very, there is room to grow. Just take it and insert a more expensive smartphone.

Also tried VR from like HTC. But there are probably games I'm not lucky, I already wanted to puke.

I think there is no sense to worry about points, since they focus on different areas. Those that are under mobile telephones obviously can't output the screen from the computer and this is the only mobile development. Then take "the box" and forward.
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and whether BP ochkoy PlayStation have PlayStation itself?

Yes, of course you need to:
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Lenovo Explorer
To buy (20K)
IMHO: not particularly expensive and the best option for today.

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