How to catch exception from an unknown place in DLL?

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Good day!
The situation is the following.
There is a Central program. Let's call it Node.
In Node dynamically connect multiple DLL (via LoadLibrary).
After connecting to the DLL, it begins to live her life (run separate threads from the DLL).
The problem is that we need to grab from the Node all the exceptions that can occur in the DLL to take action.
Is there any way to catch all exceptions that occur in the program even if the exception occurred in an unknown flow?
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I'd insulated all the bad code in separate processes - a child process of the main program. I.e. for each library runs its own process, where a) the library and b) the communication mechanism with the process of the main program. Nothing more.

Fell child process with a library - Yes, okay.

Need certainly to make the interprocess communication mechanism. But since 24x7, and you can work hard. But then you can live in peace.

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