A worthy replacement plugin FireFox Quantum?

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Is there a worthy replacement of these two plugins for Firefox Quantum?
1) S3.Translator
2) Classic Cache Killer
PS Or there is no point to Chrome to return to Firefox? =))
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Refused extension in favor of QTranslate
Works for all applications where the available text selection, and almost never eats memory.
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Yuzayu this (translation of the selected text).
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1 - use https://addons.mozilla.org/ru/firefox/addon/transl... fine with me
2 - I do not know

ps polsul would be chrome if they would do a lazy load tabs from previous session! while she's gone chorus I only to test the compatibility of it on chrome

sometimes FF in the PM from quantum, is your bun not only saves a lot of memory on loading tabs

for example ..

.. versatility.. ;))
let me explain - I know a lot of profiling chrome, but in this case, I am much freer migrate the profiles between the machines in the PM between Windows and Linux

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