Pairing Bluetooth headphone with two signal sources?

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There are headphones from Xiaomi - Mi Bluetooth Headset (ears) and two spaced apart computer with BT 4.0 adapters.
Can't set up a pair with both computers, so that not every time after listening on one of the computers to preseparate ears again with a different computer.
It happens this way.
Home find and connect ears to a computer. Listen to the music.
Then at work find and connect ears to a computer. Listen.
At home on a computer 1 trying to connect to already paired ears - the connection fails. You have to remove and preseparate them again. After that the ears have not connected to my computer at work, also need to preseparate.

The instructions have a diagram for connecting the ears with the two devices in close proximity.
Need to pair with one, then switch it to stanby mode, after which the ears will automatically go into pairing mode with a new device and you can connect a second. At the end of the first display device from stanby mode and connect to the ears.
The question of how those ears connect to posted devices?
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3 Answers

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Apparently they curve multipair, I have a Platronics device between the button switches.
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Strangely, if the user has this scenario, then the idea and by spaced components should work...
...on the condition that the road the battery will not be planted in "zero"
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replace with normal headphones.
the problem is nedorabotannost firmware headphones.

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