How to make ASP.NET Core API is available to computers on the local network?

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Good day, comrades! There was such question:
All events take place in Windows 10
1) Deploy API ASP.NET Core on the computer that is connected to the router via wi-fi.
2) It is started on port https://localhost:5003 and is available with the same computer
3) On this computer sign address https://localhost:5003 in
netsh http add urlacl url=https://localhost:5003 user=All (Russian version therefore All)
4) Disable the NOD32 firewall on all computers
5) Try to reach the API with a computer that is connected wired to the same router by wire. In response to the silence.

I didn't do:
netsh firewall add portopening TCP 5003 IISExpressWeb enable ALL
But I have a Kestrel so I don't know whether to do it or not.

What am I missing? All in advance many thanks for answers!
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Bindi localhost (IPv4) or [::1] (IPv6), both addresses are occupied the virtual network loopback interface, which is to connect only from the machine on which it is raised (i.e. locally only).
Of the options you have:
a) to Proxy localhost:5003 to the external IP address of the machine
b) Bindeth not the address in the external address of the machine. The external address can be found via:
ipconfig -all

C) Banditi all addresses of the machine through or if this is a wrapper for http.systhen , http://+:5003

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