What to collect the server for a small company?

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Good time of day. Immediately apologize for the long narrative, but I would like to explain why there is a need in his creation, and why the person is not competent in this matter is going to create the server.
I work as an engineer. 4 years ago when I joined the company, everything worked fine. In the building, but our company was one with whom the management is very friendly, and all system administratirovanie assumed. We all stood Windows 7, and the entrance was by login and password. ie domain name as far as I understand. And all was well. But soon the company got into a little trouble. We moved to a new office, we collected the server on ubuntu put in, and everything was gone. Now on all computers the user account, but domashnii folders correspond to different usernames that were used previously.
While I do a little programming using C#, vba for applications. And so I constantly pull supposedly you're into computer repair, Wi Fi make and so on (and I'm not in the networks is not administrirovanie don't understand, and maybe nothing at all). And now I'm sick of it and I purely on enthusiasm decided to create a server that would understand how it is arranged (and could actually fix problems, not to do something through the ass for a week) and that all worked more or less normally.
I took an old computer, installed ubuntu server 18.04.1 started to learn linux. set the ball, and realized that I might actually be able to raise the server. Previously I had experience since the web server however on Windows, well, nothing special just xamp (apache, mysql) sql a php know.
At this stage I need to decide what services and service in General to put.
Now about the structure of the network. Computers about 20 + printers, and chart plotters. Everywhere is Windows 7 and one xp. This is all the equipment spread out on 2 floors (3 rooms) in the suspended ceiling hangs a switch, and provado so many that is impossible to understand how and where it all goes. it is also worth router with Wi Fi. Previously each computer was set to static ip address. But since I had to put Wi-Fi because sometimes komplektacii ip addresses, I filled in all dhcp and the router has serverserial addresses for printers and computers.
The most important thing that I need to implement, the Ball (well, I already like understood with samba) normal operation of printers and chart plotters, Network license for autocad, EngGeo. Another database for EngGeo. i.e. the program should have several computers and the database one. And backup, since we are on the ball now projects that develop over the years, and as I said the backup on the server that is not.
Everyone needs the Internet, but how to protect their spending in it. We have license nod32 perhaps there are also some nuances.
Well, not very important, secondary tasks, is to make a website, mail.
At the moment I have to figure out what I need to Google something to read. what to put.
Policy manual, that's how it is because everything works so go.

P. S. Please do not scold and do not water. Understand that the question is not very correct, but can somebody tell me at least in which direction I should move. Thanks in advance.
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In your case it is better to get an admin or give IT in outsourcing.
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If You do not receive money for administration - it is better to hire the admin. Because sit down, dangling his feet and yogakat will be shouting "Huk, my one!" :)
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You should look towards: zimbra, Zentyal.
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Nethserver - free
Zentyal - paid, but Development Edition is )))
This is ready to Assembly on Linux. For 20 computers pull.

But get out of my head the bosses that want Windows Server is expensive, but will get practice.
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I always have a question. What is "normal networking?" Here some time ago, I was in the office of "Habra". Everywhere there stood an iMac-and dozens of white comp. Poor people think. No networking )

Linux is a wise decision. Guy gets experience, the company savings and security with reliability. I would suggest to abandon the Domain to Lift on the server ProxMox-and in a virtual machine different services: from NASa to the post office and mailer. To look towards Docker -- there's ready-made templates of containers with installed services.

That is, the order is Prox --> vm (Ubuntu/Debian/CentOS/FreeNAS etc.) -- > the Containers (Docker)
In the end, somewhere in the vm and the Vend will have to put the same for NOD32, if it does not have a Linux-server (DrWeb have any)

Docker is not necessary, you can leave for later.

And again, the question seems to me, does not sound correct. To collect the server — it is a question of iron. "Deploy" would be correct.
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Mail can be done using yandex or google they have a corporate solution + less hemorrhoids you.
The development or transfer of the site through the host to organize (e.g. Reg EN) it's not worth a lot of money.
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Reasonable and easiest in my opinion to take a piece of metal type Thecus W4800 (Win storage server). Price ~40 sput plus Hdd's taste in Ryde ~20 sput. For the money you have win server, win srv 50 cal licenses to a domain controller, filopovic, DNS, DHCP, the print server machine with Windows server licenses for autocad and for antivirus management.
Web on vneshke.
Internet protection - can look towards the ideco(it has and up to 40 users free) or equivalents. Gateway and email on a separate machine.
I do not recommend trying to be an expert in everything - in the end, the finished solution will be cheaper. You have enough work on their configuration and maintenance.
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