How to highlight the main element of the two characters?

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This two characters. One has the attribute "main". How would you have allocated?
Specifically, this two water pumps - a circle inside which the triangle green (working) or black (stop) color.
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The question is formulated enchanting. "How would you have allocated"? Well, for example: "words", "luminous tape" , "special font" or "deep inlay" - suitable?
But seriously, it is normally formulated question must contain at least a hint to what the media and most importantly - why you want to do it. This is a sign that the door is hung? Or is an element of the poster on the wall of the classroom with an explanation for Ptushnik? This depends heavily on "how to allocate". In addition, it is unclear what - if "do not stick hands" it is necessary not to distinguish green and red, for example.
But if the display on the computer screen may not have black, and grey to indicate the mechanism is broken?
And yet - in your example, which attribute of "home"? Circle, actually indicate the pump or the triangle (by the way - why the triangle)? Why not just colored circles? Or do you not round, and yet "the circle"?

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