What to do after take-off start-up?

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Hello. There is a project that I develop alone for several years. During this time I was able to achieve good results and monthly audience has moved over a million people. I can tell you how they work 12-14 hours a day, and that weekend I did not exist in principle, but I think it will all be you are not interested. Not that I'm complaining, not at all. I love my work and enjoy the creation process. But it is really hard, especially psychological. (Startups loners I certainly know %) )
I do, I solve issues as the development (programming, administration, ui, layout) and seo. Some tasks I tend to delegate to freelancing (content writing, purchase advertising and so on), but I see no options how to delegate technical issues (freelance just). And as time becomes more and more.
Now the list of tasks is increased, ideas for new services that I want to implement, and also need to support the old. Every day there are requests for cooperation and advertising, but I just have no time to do.
And here arises the question of what to do next? Obviously, you need to create a team and organize the process of work, but how to do it better?
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To highlight the weekends and to decide with your income.
To understand how much of income you are willing to allocate for the team and just find people to explain tasks and free up your time.
The freed time to spend on new technical issues and to better delegation and control of already employed people.
Again, if the project for a million people, you can look for suitable people among them - at least there will be people in the topic and interested in the development of the project.

The startup took off is when he brings enough for further development.
So many companies fall apart when you try to zoom.
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I have a similar situation, but in a niche complex. In the end, I came to the following:
- to find evangelists who will help spread ideas, to prepare the content to educate potential users;
- look for partners who can take part of selling;
- look for partners who will be able to take part of implementations;
- to find/hire workers on technical problems - customer support, development, help presale.

There is no alternative. Networking and all sorts of hangouts on the subject of finding partners/co-founders (the presentation of startups to investors) is also worth a try, here are all individually.

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