JavaScript frameworks and paradigms?

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Advise Javascript framework for developing an administration interface with complex forms. A working prototype I made using jQuery, and a dozen of plugins (tabs, drag&drop, ajax file upload, data link, mousewheel, hotkeys...). But now you need to add the interface all the necessary fields, and I know I have to copy a lot of code, and the field identifiers are scattered throughout the script. Need a suitable programming paradigm. I think it can give some light framework.

Looked At DoJo. There is, of course, have everything you need. But I now have no month to study this system. Besides, our system of administration of such design that it is not possible to use ready-made visual components that DoJo provides. So the whole point is lost. Same story with YUI.

You need a tool that will manage the interaction of ready-made visual elements (which are written using a large number of jQuery and plugins).

From the server I am receiving a json, which laid out all the necessary information of the edited object. Yet there are a few additional json-object with values for all drop down lists and forms with autocomplete. Need to return json with the same structure. Inside the form actively used by drag&drop. No page reloads are not happening.

Links to examples of good interfaces, too, would be useful. Thank you.
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And You are looking toward Cappuccino or SproutCore? The links there are examples.
Some time on study leave, but sometimes that is to spend the time to delve into the technology, then to solve the problem more elegantly and more appropriate tools.
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wrap in your classes, no?
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