Will help anyone with designing and modeling the local network of the hosting provider of websites in the program Packet Tracer?

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Network host web sites. The network host is a web server + file server
+ the database server. From the external network users is only visible to
the web server. Customers see the web server, file server and database server.
The web server can make requests to the Internet. From database server and
file server access to the Internet. The server addresses are static.

I'm not asking to do it for me.
Can somebody explain how to do ?
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Arthur Belykh, All will not work. Packet tracer can't simulate DB server, there is only poor web and FTP.
If the exchange rate necessary to do it in packet tracer, it means that I would need to work with hardware from Cisco.
Plan your work:
1. Draw a diagram, it is possible simple, and can be as would be ideal.
2. Divide the network into several parts: Network host, Internet users. Users split into two parts: the clients, which can be everything and those that only access to the web.
3. Configit glands to work without restrictions (to avoid confusion in pravilah firewall)
4. To create rules in firewall
5. Prority if everything is working

Here is a rough diagram, you can add or subtract components at their discretion
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If you right yesterday need, then go for freelance. But if you have time and you really want to understand, then read the series of articles "Networks for the smallest".
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it's very simple
the internal network has its own DNS name space. roughly speaking when the connection to the database you write
not localhost
the latter can be replaced by DNS name let's say msql_server
As the name of the local in your network that needs neither EN nor unikalnost eve online.
actually all.
Moreover you can just make a sub-domain
say mysql1.hoster.ru and he will have a record
Naturally such domain ping will only work inside the network

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