Rules of use of the project management system

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Glad to see you! Actually the question to the public in companies.
  • Is there anything in Your regulations on the use of project management systems?
  • If there is, it would put — it would be useful to read.

Thanks in advance!
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Is. To be more precise — are governed by the version control system and project management. Spread? Probably not worth it. I can send on soap.
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Not the right question to ask. There is such a thing as EPM - enterprise project management system (more detailed description here). Which consists of three integral components:
1. The methodology of project management (schedule, document templates, methods of planning, risk management, etc.), which describes the project management processes.
2. The PMIS is the information system project management - actually the task of which is to automate the processes described in the methodology and to consolidate information on projects of the company.
3. Project office - a structural unit, which is responsible for the implementation and development of the methodology and PMIS, training, and internal consulting.

I.e. the rules of use of the system (as I understand means the PMIS), no. It's just a guide to work in the PMIS should be.

With regard to methodology, this link is a detailed example of writing methodology (download)

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