Where to start learning how to program 3D graphics?

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Have long been interested in 3D graphics, but I can't dig up enough information on the study thereof.

Advise books on the construction of computer graphics - from A to Z.
Books about DirectX, OpenGL, algorithms, lighting, rendering, shading.
What programming languages to study for this field?
As far as promising profession as a graphic programmer?
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3 Answers

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1. Frank Moon. DirectX 12.
2. www.3dgep.com
3. chilitomato
Be sure to learn C++. Although we can take C# and the platform of the UWP, then it will be possible to take the Unity 3d engine.
The story, like DirectX, OpenGL won.
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Start with the basics https://habr.com/post/248153/
Then move on to more applied tasks https://habr.com/post/310790/

If your goal is not with graphics to understand, and easy to write games, then get ready engine. There Unity or Unreal Engine.
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Area of 3D is vast and it is hardly possible to cover it completely, you should choose a specialization. Modeling in 3DSMax/Maya is not the same that work with 3D engines the type of UE4.

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