What resources to check for the development of the public in vk?

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Only interested in Russian resources for the development of its public VC.
Trying to find something fit already day, everywhere basically is SMM about the brand (company) and the sale of the goods, and I'm interested in the public as the main and only resource.
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The development of the public I would divide into three main parts

1) community Management.
This includes the creation of a structure (or hierarchy) of your community.
The main goal is the creation of such an internal environment of the community that every member inside this environment begins to feel stronger than outside of it.
(Articles or books about it I have not seen)
2) Communication within the community.
This is what is commonly called "content marketing". Its main goal is permanent retention of attention to the public of its participants. (Books and articles on this subject very much)
3) Involvement in community new members.
It - targeted advertising in the first place, all other elements of SMM.
Articles, courses and books too much.
hope that helped
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it is clear that singles do not write books about such a development
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