How to add image slider in article Bitrix?

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The essence of the problem:
The article appears as an element of the InfoBlock, it is written in the visual editor. The customer wants anywhere in the article (after the paragraph for example) it could using the visual editor to insert the "slider with photos (1 photo)" + to be able to set the text flow (right, left or center).
1. galleries may be few in the article;
2. content Manager doesn't know basic html;
3. as the slider has deep html structure and MILES doesn't know html code to display the slider via snippet and add the pictures one by one through a standard mechanism to add images in the visual editor, not suitable!!!
My plan:
1. To create a multiple property of the file type.
2. In the article, in the right place to insert "shortcode" type [gallery id="123" float="rigft"] wrapping it in a snippet.
3. The template to parse the article and place the "shortcode" to display the "slider gallery".
I understand that this "crutch-crutch" but that much ...
Prompt format Bitrix maybe there are more "correct" solution to the problem?
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1 Answer

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Create a separate information block for such galleries.
The gallery will be the item this is.
Pictures gallery store in the multiple property of type "file".
We can think in advance what some listing property for different templates galleries.

Conclusion as described here, adapted to your needs.

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