What a lightweight blogging platform do you recommend?

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  1. Open Source
  2. open registration
  3. blogs
  4. ratings
  5. minimalistic design
  6. optimized for loading speed
  7. low consumption of server resources


PS On Habre I met a few articles from the developer of such a system. But when needed - can't find it. Maybe someone remembers these articles on habré, or can suggest similar solutions.

As I recall, the platform was on the Go or something like that.

Thank you!
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3 Answers

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Not open source, but:


In General, really better than WordPress nothing came up.

There is still shareware Aegeus https://blogengine.ru
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It is not entirely clear what kind of blogging platform you need. If you are looking for software to deploy a blog (or multiple blogs) on your hosting start with wordpress. If not to hang him plugins something cheap and cheerful. If a plug-in that will "bohato". And in any case very reliable.
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