[TFS + git] how to tie git to TFS and not to break anything?

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Good day...
On the one hand there is a TFS repository, which I have to work, and on the other I want to have a local git repository locally and work with it so that when a commit in the master changes were rolled on my local copy with TFS, and they could be committing already on TFS. Well, to upgrade to git, it was updated with a local copy of a file that has been upgraded from TFS.
As for any other method to tie the git to TFS, the main thing that did not break on TFS...
Thanks in advance...
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in principle it is technically possible to keep a right git over TFS, but not very convenient
I offer you the following:
1st git over TFS holds (in the same folder where unpacked TFS), through .gitignore banim TFS ovy files(if any) and the reverse is about .git
2nd git is kept in the working directory, and synchronized with the first
1m cases of branch type overTFS
2nd is free to do PUSH and PULL
schema updates after update TFS committing all changes to git
if you upgrade git to do the checkout and committing to TFS (can be automated via hooks)
to be able to push to the active branch of the 1st write repository configuration
denycurrentbranch = ignore
something like this, it is possible to keep everything, maybe TFS can hooks, in any case, it is possible to manage using pair of scripts
negative comments to the commits will be lost, though of course you can collect all the comments from the previous sync,git allows this

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