What can you recommend from Obuasi materials that will help in assembling and configuring server iron administration?

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Good evening.
All in 2018 I gnawed the desire to learn about the servers(from Assembly to tuning)In the end I gave up and want to resolve this issue.

Would be grateful for direction on literature or some training manuals with pictures
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Servers very much. The server configuration can not master in a lifetime.

In the direction of Google.

If interested in pieces of iron - well, look for at least the current standards for server - racks, units, what is the difference between server pieces of iron from the usual, and most importantly why. (memory parity, multiprocessor motherboard, server case, raid controllers)

You need first to understand what is server and how it differs from the workstation. Because in some cases practically nothing.
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The server you have to feel with your hands. As a girl. Until you feel you will not understand. There are a lot of nuances that you can protest only by having the appropriate piece of iron - Dell, HP...
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To learn need to have a task that needs to be solved.
And then by trial and error, take the cheapest computer, and try to set it for some task, rested in the fact that something is missing, it will upgrade.

Where to find the problem? Make free hosting web, vps,... will appear and load on the server and malicious users, so they You will teach )

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