How to make a bootable USB with Windows from within Mac?

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Have a laptop Toshiba Satellite L850D-BJS, it changed the hard disk you want to install Windows. There are distros (iso) 7 and 10 Windows rutrekere, there are images of the recovery disc for Toshiba (also iso) is the image of the latest Ubuntu (and then iso).

To create a bootable USB drive is the Mac mini c macOS Mojave 10.14.2, the problem is that you cannot boot from a flash drive created on the computer. Under Windows a thousand times used Rufus, but Rufus Mac no. Google UNetbootin, formatted USB flash drive in Makovsky disk in MBR with FAT, pour the above images (tried in turn) - when booting with this USB drive laptop says "Reboot and Select proper Boot device". Just tried to copy the contents of the iso image - the same result, tried using terminal and the dd command, and here is the same. While at hand was a bootable flash drive with the Linux distro (the build for a media center with XBMC, created long ago, just under Windows) - with her laptop boots up.

What to do? How to create Windows bootable USB flash drive under Mac or why not work the methods described above?
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Not tried it myself, but Google this:

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