What is the most effective method of monetizing the site of the proposed?

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Respected community, all welcome.
I would like to ask a question knowledgeable people. Currently, we are developing and designing website with high quality articles on legal and historical topics (not copy-paste or citation books). He is a master of law, so I know how to do it correctly and beautifully. Such articles in the network, since the writing took me a huge amount of time (on each of the articles). They all consist of verification of the Russian legislation, foreign legislation, a comparison of the views of the authors (otsutstvie that You understand the seriousness of the articles:). Speak several languages so can translate your articles. The plans will broaden the base of science to philosophy, sociology and so on. Have an understanding of what services need to write, but it's then, while on a budget.

Actually the question. How to effectively monetize the website of the three available options (most suitable on the philosophy of the project).

1. Subscription to the articles. Conditional 49.99 per month.
+no ads
+for these articles is willing to pay
-no one will pay Russia

2. Contextual advertising.
-all the annoying ads (and including me)
-all are blockers

3. Mining scripts.
+no ads
+the money earned is directly dependent on the visits (there is an incentive to grow)
-probably will ban Yandex and Google
-small money for small attendance
the volatility of cryptocurrencies

Dear friends, please tell me what in Your opinion is the best way? Maybe You have your vision? I will be glad to any answer.
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7 Answers

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For mining you need to immediately recapture the hands. This is the surest way to ruin the site reputation.
Contextual advertising networks - a thing legitimate, but dumb (for many reasons).
The most solid ways: paid subscriptions, paid individual consultations, direct advertising from major advertisers.
But all three options have a common drawback - they do not work from scratch. Need some time to the site has grown content with fat, gained audience, fame and reputation. I think that the most optimistic scenario is at least six months. But it may happen that at times more.
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Only one it won't fly. The complex needs to do three as a minimum:
1) Free subscription and part of the materials is paid. Ie to catch first for free and then pay to add. Free content also needs to be of high quality. Paid content should not be expensive.
2) Paid workshops (or courses, or something like that) for groups in Your topics. Already more expensive than the subscription.
3) Individual consultations and support on legal issues - pay.
Thus, You get a sales funnel:
- subscribers
paid subscribers
- workshops/courses
- individual consulting
In the complex, it all works well. Separately worse.
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Not profitable to enter some paid advice? Yes, it's not passive income... But will also help you to better understand what's bothering your visitors and a way to get a format of paid services.
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1) nobody wants
3) dead
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The best way to monetize is to buy advertising-Your clients working with business b2b. And this website/blog must be readable and have strong feedback unique users(one person visiting the site/blog several times) a day.
A bad example of a blog with native advertising to watch
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How to effectively monetize the website of the three available options (most suitable on the philosophy of the project).
It is impossible to say for sure. You need to study the market, think who would be a likely consumer of the content and whether it will pay and how he will pay.
There are no universal recipes, it is necessary to try variants.

Subscription to the articles. Conditional 49.99 per month.
The content needs to be not just interesting, it needs to be needed, then they will pay, otherwise not.
Contextual advertising.
Blockers in the computer or at the DNS level - as a result of the possible loss of users dissatisfied with the abundance of advertising, and the rest will be with the blocker. Although in many cases it is working. Depends on the amount and control of advertising.

Mining scripts.
The website in the black list of search engines, antivirus software and other systems. Loss users.
And those who remain will long to curse, and if you find can and face stuff, it is good for that.

There is not only contextual advertising low quality - you can embed advertizing, negotiating directly with advertisers.
Sometimes it is working Donat.

But if we talk about monetization of website - just think who is that really necessary? If the lawyers or anyone else to whom your content is vital, or brings real money?
If there are any - they will pay. And you can work with a subscription. Unless of course the articles really are many, not a few hundred.
But I honestly can not imagine who they can be so necessary.

If interested there - only advertising.
And its effectiveness depends first of all from site traffic and time of user activity on the website, the second from advertising, and its proper selection.
Context is not always a good choice.

Here still much depends on how you appreciate your articles - you want to make millions, and article is really not interesting to anyone.
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You have chosen a difficult niche.

1. First, mining is a complete bottom for a legal website. Not well, are you serious? Well even on a porn site. But legal? In any case, lol.

2. Look in the direction of CPA affiliate programs.

3. Read this:

How to invest 1.5 million rubles a website and to get a total of 20 thousand rubles a month — the story of a not entirely successful investing. Starting her marathon, the author has invested half a million in legal statant and after almost 2 years has only 4200 unique visitors a month.

Despite the well-organized business processes, to go to zero (there is not even talk about the plus) is not obtained. The money is being spent and why result so bad in the article.

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