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The entry to the server with remote video surveillance?

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few will tell you what to do - there is a program nvms 1000 using this program I am viewing the remote video in a mode online where there are cameras (trade) is the hard disk where recording and to me it is necessary that the recording was on the office computer and on the hard disk

the problem is that record production is limited

you need to write the log to the hard disk in the office and at the Registrar which is installed on production
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2 Answers

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Well, and write with the help of nvms-1000 on any PC. What exactly is the RUB out?
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You need to have this software in the office, and to provide her with access to the database in production. To try to store data remotely and access them with the production of a triple wrong. The problem is in the communication channel the office-production? You need to contact the experts in network infrastructure. Well, or tell us more about the problem you have...

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