How to change the firmware of the headphones?

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I must say that I am aware of how I am a layman in this subject, so please give advice and not placing blame. Thank you.
Recently purchased a Bluetooth (Bluetooth) headphones and I did not like every key stroke is sound. That is, put it on pause, switch to the next track, turn up the volume - alarm sound (short beeps :D). And here I was wondering how and what to do to remove this alarm? How to modify the firmware to create your transactions and to change the existing?
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Rough translation of the response to a similar question in stack:

Not very clear what you are trying to achieve, but breaking the existing embedded device is a difficult task, of course, is not for the beginner. I guess you have three options:

1. Buy an existing headset and break it.

It is difficult for an experienced design engineer on embedded systems and will probably require a Decompiler code and the oscilloscope (together with the knowledge of how to use them).

2. Create a new device using any set of the developer (e.g., Arduino or similar).

Doable. You probably need to know how to solder and how to program. Also keep in mind that any device that you create will look like the prototype (that is, imagine a lunchbox with wires sticking out and not a polished consumer device). - You can look into the range of "Lilypad", if you need a small / portable components.

3. Buy an existing headset, write host software to configure the behavior.

Probably the easiest to teach of the three options (because you just need to learn how to program, what you should do for # 1 and # 2 anyway). Thus, you can connect the headset to the PC (or less, raspberry-pi or similar) and execute custom actions when buttons are pressed.

If you need customization or you just want to learn about electronics and development of embedded software, you can choose option # 2. If you need a device that you can use on a daily basis, then option # 3 would probably be the best choice.

TL;DR: Almost impossible to reprogram ready bluetooth headphones beginner.
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1. Firmware of commercial devices is not open source. That is the factory firmware in the normal way to get it is almost unreal
2. Firmware commercially sold devices (and not engineering, which are testing and check your solution the developers) is different from what happens in normal development. For example, you may not be soldered legs to connect the programmer, the chip can be sewn separately from the device, and then do on the Board may not be release or even the entire controller (uart or something similar).
3. Even if the Board has all the firmware can usually be zamochennoy from flashing.

Poet you probably have only two ways -
1. To try to find in the Internet the instructions for hacking your specific model of headphones, if someone is still hacked and posted on the web. Usually headphones few deals.
2. If you know anything about audio, maybe you can develop your own electronics based on another programmable device, and can replace the original stuffing their own development.
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I bought the TV, I make it a refrigerator?
- Very simple: sell the TV and buy a fridge...
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If the settings did not find this option, you can try to write to tech support of the manufacturer. If the current firmware of this feature yet, ideally in one of the following versions will add.

Everything else dances with a tambourine.

If you want to program hardware, better buy to start any controller, study its API, make him do something meaningful... and so on.

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