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Wi-fi router ASUS RT-G32 Rev. B1 and Windows 7 x64

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Welcome. Know that the router is not the latest model and it's time to change, but who can faced and solved the problem?

The bottom line: to downloaded with of. website the latest firmware, put. Configured on the router connecting with Internet service provider (beeline) via PPTP. All. The first time worked well but then, somehow, stupidly, we began to lose connection with the router(!), that is, does not ping even on LAN(!!). Tested on Windows XP everything works fine, without interruption. Prescribed static ip for the host — still does not work (disabled DHCP, etc.).

PS: after the connection was lost, after a while it is as magically recovered (most after windowas diagnostics)

Thanks in advance for the help!
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1 Answer

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If on another machine all works fine, maybe the problem is in the hardware of this machine and not the router and w7? Another network card to put tried?
At most this router, everything works fine.
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