Is it possible to format or clear a volume in a single hard drive connected via a SATA adapter?

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Unscrewed the hard drive from my old broken laptop and connected it using a SATA adapter via USB to the new laptop.
When I connect, it is displayed as 3 different drive :
F - system reserved.
G - where are the system files with the Windows (and every time when you run disk written notification error "drive G" .
And, actually volume H that stores all sorts of media and other files.
Disk partitions
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Can I do this via the standard utility "disk Management"?
Perhaps, but not a fact.
Usually all perfectly is deleted from there, but some sections may not be available for deletion.
If something is not deleted, via the command line do.

The utility diskpart
Choose the correct drive and make it clean - this will remove all the markup.
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