Is it possible to write on RN for both platforms without having a Mac and an iPhone?

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The bottom line is that you need to write a complex application, it is desirable for both platforms, to make the ability to make purchases (paid version FOR free), and "throw" on apple store and google market, respectively.
I write in Ruby\\, Python and server-side, JS is indirectly acquainted, but there is time to study it and React Native, "Apple" products at all (only my wife's ifasa) and really do not want to buy even a Mac mini for the same application, this is the question: whether it is necessary zamorachivatsya to write for the iPhone if not Mac ?
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If there is no Mac that is a great opportunity to install Hackintosh. This is the best way not to waste a lot of dough on hardware from apple and a phone for your wife enough to lay out the app to the store. Only you should know that the apple developer account costs 100 USD per year.
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Usually what is written on RN looks worse than it is on Android.
With each version of Android, the situation is improving.
Test on real iOs device still does not work, only the simulator.
Sbuilder and put on the device yourself and your friends 'call' is possible and necessary to do only on Android.
Buy a Mac for to try probably not worth it, again if the goal is developing RN - better Mac nothing. With Hackintosh, only time will lose, x-code will not work, same thing with virtualname, too much tied to the architecture.
PS there is still Expo - this is an option to start without a Mac but this is your library and the associated limitations, but for one-off project so as not to go into tuling under RN rules option
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