How to configure mikrotik 2 ISP's, one of which yota from another mikrotik?

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Good afternoon.

Have a need to failover the Internet, based on the equipment Mikrotik. On the Internet a lot of instructions how to do it, but never able to find a solution for your task, you have:

1. The main router Mikrotik, which includes wired Internet from the ISP, let's call it ISP 1
2. Router for backup Internet in which you inserted the usb whistle with SIM card yota - let's call it ISP 2

The ability to directly insert the modem into the main router, because it is far away from the window, and the room catches bad relationship.

Therefore, in order to make the signal as strong and appeared the router ISP2

Wiring diagram seems similar to the following
Router ISP1 both worked, and works, has five ports, eth1 - ISP1, eth2 - lan eth3 - ISP2
- From the router of ISP2 eth2 port goes directly to the cable router in ISP1 and inserted into a port eth3

I tried the following implementation scheme to the ISP1 router the Internet from the router ISP2:

1. Asked address on router ISP2 eth2, on router ISP1 eth3 - not working
2. Raised dhcp server on the router and ISP2, configure nat, if you connect the local PC, then the Internet is if I connect the dhcp client on the router ISP1 - is not working.

Tell me, please, which in my scheme is not enough, and how can I solve this problem?
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You didn't read the instructions. Return after reading.

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