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Terms of cooperation

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Many have "their" projects. Someone makes them alone, someone with like-minded people. But supporters do not come from nowhere. Most likely it's friends/acquaintances or third-party developers.

Assume the initial conditions:

The territorial spread of different state-VA.
Employment — work from... to... (time frame) for his uncle.
Marital status — married (not necessarily).
The topic is relatively interesting.
Time — there.
The desire to change the world for the better — is.
Pocket — neeee excluded.
Project status — not a sideline type did get.

Terms of cooperation ?

This, in fact, and the question is, what conditions must offer the programmer the designer (Manager, associate), or Vice versa, in order to get the job started, not dividing skinning has not killed a bear, not over before it started?

Looking ahead, if you use standard options(Percent of income share in the project, quid Pro quo), how to calculate how many "gained" each of the participants?
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2 Answers

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Actually you touched a question, which place is not in the q&a, maybe the answer will draw on the report for at least PM-Tu and sociology.
My opinion: start working for yourself, slowly attracting the necessary specialists and in the course of reviewing with them the percentage of their participation (in the sphere of work. and in proportion) of TK cannot be set digit and look under it (you are far away and it will be complicated: can you give more rosaries, and agree a Pro or Vice versa kettle kakoynit agree, and then you swing). And first try to "feel out" the person from the other side, and not to offer him your conditions, let alone offer. If he had a real interest — I think you will find a common language.
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As a lawyer I can assure You that to determine how much "accumulated" a lawyer, for example, is almost impossible. The same applies to the Manager, and accountant, etc. the fact that such employees do not perform work and provide services to the same and more services support core activities. In this case, a direct result of their activities will not, but it will have a significant impact on the overall result of the company.

The only real way out is to pre-sit down with each of these professionals and to provide all possible services that they You will have. When You are happy with the list of basic services provide the volume of these services, payment and payment arrangements. If in the process anyone of Your experts will need to carry out any services that You did not foresee, adapt them further.

Once having done this procedure You will protect yourself and the project and all of the following. Besides, You really can appreciate the amount of work completed by Your employees.

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