DNS Flag Day and Yandex DNS do I need to change something about my domain?

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The domain is Yandex pdd (or now called connect) - do I need to do something in light of the DNS Flag Day?
I trust the Yandex, but if you go to the checkout page dnsflagday.net to check the domain, it says:

Discovered a minor problem! This domain will work after a day of flag DNS 2019, BUT he does not have the latest DNS standards. As a consequence, this domain could not support the latest security features and can be an easier target for network intruders than is necessary ....

Although while I was writing this question - answer service on one of 2 domains suddenly changed - became says that the domain is fully ready, though a few minutes earlier, also described the problem. Now may be the carried out any changes?

I decided to wait, and you undertake something?
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This domain will work after a day of flag DNS 2019

What do you need from Yandex? Domain will work, the post. Until today, you without the latest features DNS live in peace, why bother now?
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