The correct logical configuration model of two mikrotiks?

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The question is:
There is a diagram. On the first Mikrotik configured channel is switched to the backup, in the open primary, but in the battle never tested on.
The second Mikrotik client just connect to the ip address of the first provider and all of this fun worked.
it ought to work when the primary provider along with the address falls off, I have no idea
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For information on configuring bonding on Mikrotik, just through bonding quite implement the channel switching mode is active backup.( I have checked). Offhand, create a bonding interface, add interfaces providers put the backup mode is activ, the 2 routes add a route to via gates providers with different distances and check gate ping.

Next, I think, just setting up л2тп two static addresses (primary and backup ISP) on both sides.("but that is incorrect")
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