How to configure DKIM?

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Faced with a confusing situation:

The domain is registered by a first host (1Gb)
Website is hosted at a second host (Spaceweb)
The mail server leased from a third host (Masterhost)

Task: to configure DKIM for mail.

1. In control panel Masterhost subscribe to a service, get the public key.
2. In the DNS settings of the first host(1Gb) make a txt record with DKIM public key.
3. Test a few services and always show the error DKIM (DNS Record not found, DKIM Result: permerror (no key), etc.), and as the answering service is the second (Specweb).

Please help me to understand. How to configure DKIM in this configuration.
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So you will know which DNS server holding your zone, there will be two most likely) And configure the entry to be there.

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