How to add a new network sub-mesh IP?

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Good evening, everyone.
Really need to consult a specialist, who uses not just in theory but in practice in its network of several sub-meshes.

Question two:

1) put controller on windows 2012, the gateway on Freebsd (but in the future I want to buy Mikrotik)
Task trail: to increase the pool of IP addresses because IP is almost all used already and not really enough

How to add a new sub-mesh, because the Internet is a lot of information, but there is no consensus how to do it better

Some write that just cut a mask and you can use the trace sub-mesh, others raise it on Vlnach and t/d/

2) I understand if I have to choose between sub-meshes with the limitation of access to resuem it has done with pomocu VLAN and network equipment (or can be done on windows server)?
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What's right:
  1. Plan dividing a network into some logical separated VLANs (for example, admin vlan10, vlan11 network of servers, vlan12 network equipment, bukhov vlan13, vlan14 warehouse No. 1, vlan15 guest wifi, etc.)
  2. For each vlan to select the logical subnet size (for example vlan10:; vlan11:, etc.)
  3. At the root router rotate or, conversely, isolate vlanы as you need

And don't forget managed switches for access level!

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