Why when connecting to different sites I have different IP? Proxy provider?

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Screenshots of four different whois
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Most likely from your ISP more channels and configured load balancing, so a new connection can go on the new route with the new ip.
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Provider just have a pool of external addresses for NAT and that it binds not to users, but only to specific connections. He does so because it is easier to configure on network pieces of iron.

For address change on your part, most likely, just enough to break the TCP connection and go to the site again. Although the possible nuances.
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1. New connection - a new NAT rule.
2. The provider is most likely not enough ip addresses and they release a pack for users with a specific range of addresses.
3. Try to complete the connection, and it completed it should be on a piece of iron of the provider, where NAT. With the installation of new connections is likely to fall on the new ip address.
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1)You sit behind a NAT ISP for each connection is allocated the output gateway and port. If he is going to change you have authorization to fly.
2)it is so convenient.
3)What do you mean IP change? It does not change - where it has gone is.
You can just go to the other address.
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