Does it make sense to share printers, phones, computers for individual VLAN'am?

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There was a need to share printers, IP phones and workstations in a separate VLAN's.

Whether this scheme is correct? On Mikrotik'e DHCP server, handing out IP addresses to 3 subnets — (printers), (phones) and (workstations). The DHCP server will distribute IP address to all devices based on the VLAN indicated on the device.

The line is: — VLAN 30 (printers) — VLAN 20 (phone) — 1 VLAN or without VLAN ? (workstations)

Whether this scheme of using VLAN ?

And also:
1. How to make workstations've seen network printers? The printers will be in a different VLAN. Do I need then to use a print server, which will be simultaneously "look" in VLAN 30 and VLAN 1 ?
2. I would like that only my car could go on the web-face phones and network printers. It turns out that my car needs to be in all VLAN'Ah at the same time? How to do it, if I have Windows?

Thanks in advance.
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The rules of etiquette say that it is necessary. The scheme is correct.
1. This is done by configuring routing between Wlanapi on the router or L3 switch.
2. No. You just open on the correct port access to those Planum where you want to go.

Read - Network for the little ones. And with zero head.
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Separate VLAN for printers is once hemorrhagic yourself satisfied. You'll drive them first in a separate VLAN (not clear why), and then will look for an opportunity to circumvent the restrictions of the VLAN. "The efficiency of these two actions - 0" :-)
For phones, a separate VLAN is justified.
If you really really want to breed Vlani, get a gateway that will sit in all Vlnach and through it can go anywhere in the right VLAN after configuring the routing slave. place.
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The logic is correct. Rooms Ulanov do not matter, but to allocate the same type of device in a private network-it is right and good. The connectivity between vlname is also provided, as well as between separate physical networks-with the help of the router. Read what VLAN trunking, and review how this is being Microtech, and configure routing on it.

Network segmentation-this is not just good manners, it is a necessity, especially in light of the development malware/viruses and other security threats. Printers/phones-easily affected devices, so they need to be isolated. A flat network where all the computers of the organization are in the same VLAN/network segment will cause any stray NotPetya will spread throughout the network in a matter of minutes. And it will be like here. Or mommy's hackers some will begin to pick the components of the neighboring division for the network. So cementary and customized rules of circulation of traffic between subnets -- this is a must-have in the modern world.
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Phones in a separate VLAN, printers, and working in BlackBerry gomti VLAN (not div. Them makes no sense) влан1 - do not use better. Admins - in otdelnuyu the net-VLAN and from her access to the mgmt network and data to all networks
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