Which operating system is suitable for notebook Samsung r20 plus?

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Hello, I would like to ask for advice and I hope that my question still miss, although he is not quite consistent with the rules of the resource as the Internet is a lot of advice on this topic, namely: what operating system can be put on old and weak laptop, so he continued to work enough for unsophisticated users.
Unfortunately I know nothing about this software the kitchen (I know, what an operating system is and can name a couple in addition to Windows, that's all), so even after reading three articles with tips the question remains:
1. applicable for these tips for my laptop (maybe he's TOO old?)
2. I put it in Windows, will I be able to do it on this laptop what I need?

The raw data are:
Laptop Samsung r20 plus (well, on a very pensive)
Features (copied from the website of some computer shop, I hope untrue):
CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo T2250 1.73 GHz
Chipset: ATI Xpress 1250 (ATI RS600ME + SB600) with 533MHz FSB
Memory: 1GB PC4200 533MHz DDR2 RAM (2 x 512MB)
Hard drive: 160GB 5400RPM SATA HD (Hitachi HTS541616J9SA00 = Travelstar 5K160)
Operating system: Windows Vista

What I want from him in the first place:
1. To work iTunes
2. To crawl in the network ( ideally but not necessarily - by a usual browser: Opera, Firefox, chrome) in search of answers to different domestic issues.
3. To watch the network movie
4. In order to put the program to print the lyrics and edit them; to open archived (zip, rar) files and formats pdf, tiff, djvu; player for mp3
5. Put some small free antivirus program-cleaner "garbage."
6. Some sane speed. To 30 seconds to wait after each clandy.

Thanks in advance, hope to help.
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2 Answers

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win7 lite
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WinXP - all the same 1 gig for Win7,Win8.1,Win10 and any Linux type Ubuntu18 is not enough.

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