Can I share the users data from the site if the site prohibits copying?

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The company "Morozenko" is ice cream. They have a research Department, who expects the cost of ice cream in different types. The site says that all their information and without written permission to publish it in other places not.

I would like to put their predictions and show on your site and perhaps use for their calculations. However, given the prohibition on publication without written permission, of course have no right just to take and parse. But, there was such thought: and what if I will not parse, but real people?

Ie the idea is to provide an opportunity for users to add information, but by showing where they took her. Thus, formally, I took this data, I only used what was given by the people.

Can this ride?
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I'm not really a programmer, just interested, but I'm a lawyer, so I can answer Your question this way:
1. the inability to copy content on the website is not an indication that content cannot be copied, if that resolves the resource itself;
2. if the site clearly States that copying of materials sarashina, the way it is and all sorts of replies on the fence too is written in the law is not working (but working in the kitchen with vodka:);
3. view the license documents if they're on the website, if it says that you cannot copy and paste, then copy, of course, impossible;
4. the situation is slightly simplified if the resource is implicitly said, for example, is prescribed in the licensing documents, but was not informed of this when entering the website;
5. if it's just predictions (especially in numbers), it is not subject to copyright, so no fines or sanctions may not follow the exception to the blocking of the site (very difficult to prove that You yourself did not invent these figures, and it took from the website;
6. if You have created a program that takes the content from the website automatically, the situation is slightly worse, because this is a computer program that may be intended to harm the interests of others.
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Of course you can.

The site says that all their information and without written permission to publish it in other places not.
And written on the fence word of three letters. What now?

Can this ride?
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