React native (something similar) or a full app (Ios/android)?

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Hi all! Engaged in the development of the project, there is a website (no mobile version). Thought about it and decided that we should not do mob. version because still in most cases use the app. Actually, it's better to do the application? React native and something like that once for both platforms? Or writing full-fledged apps for ios and android? What are the pros and cons of both options in practice? What to prefer? Please justify your point and write only if You really understand this at 100, but not I read somewhere.

Would also like to know if to make a separate application on ios/android, it can do one and the same person, and in any case will have to look for two different developers?

The essence of the application:
We go and select a city -> enter the address (verified contact marked on the map of the delivery zone) -> displays available stores -> go to all these stores and make them buy -> place your order.

-In the cart is adding the comments and substitutions to the products
-Changed the address, changed the stores (in the basket of goods is updated in terms of price and availability at store etc.)
-Change order during the Assembly (please confirm in case of replacement).

Similar: igooods, instamart (Russia), instacart, google express (USA).
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Flutter. Fast, convenient, cross-platform. For the rest MasterCard.

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