Is it possible to charge Nintendo switch from the USB cable in the car?

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The bottom line is this. There is an attachment. Is the original charger, but he needs to get to 220. The inverter 220 in the car too, but when the car goes off it quickly. If I buy a USB cable, and type C will include charging the console via 1.2 ampere for example whether the console to charge, it will crash whether the battery on it, provided that she sort of asks the 5 amp? (During charging, the console will turn off). It is clear that there will be a charge longer, but am particularly interested in the possible risks.
Thank you.
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To connect the consumer to the source, giving a smaller current fraught as to source and customer is the source of can simply burn out, or to issue instead of DC "fence", which in turn reduces on the consumer.

With the console I would hesitate to do-look for a normal adapter, 5 amps (and whether 5?)

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