Is it possible to live in developing apps on ios(app store),android(google play)?

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Hello,does anyone have such an experience,who lives on the development of their applications?how much is real
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not really, you will die from hunger.
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Given that the owner of any stall is committed to have a reliable method sasamat client for its notifications — is possible.
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But how much you will receive and whether you will miss out on food, it depends on your ability to earn money.
If you know how to make money in this sphere - well, fine.
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If you can be better than 96% of the developers, then to live to be missed if you are in the top 1%,
then another family or lewdness.

In General, up to a million installs, cat's tears.
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Good question, but need specifics.
You can live very well, and can be bad.
I will explain now is the high demand for mobile application developers.
Startups, outsourcers, integrators, studios, guitar picks, advertising firm all need
intelligent developers on high-paying jobs.
It is the experts who are being interviewed and
a few people need to pseudocode graduated from the widely publicized courses.
Another approach is to put applications in market, here I would draw a parallel with
one-man band. It is not enough to finished the above., to cover up the advertising and put in stor,
It will simply drown in an ocean of dross. To be successful with their applications
you must have an idea about ASO, learn to buy traffic, read Analytics,
to build a funnel to increase purchases of user subscriptions and inapam. Plus learn
the user to show a CPA offer in order to increase passive income. And if your proly not palanet,
will start tinkering with the receipt of earnings on your account ;)
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