There is a possibility to describe an algorithm for the procedural generation of the map puzzle?

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Hello! There are golovaci type: "move boxes to get up on the buttons." There is a two-dimensional map with n-number of boxes and the same number of buttons. For example, the game "Smart loader", and in General met a number of implementations. People come up with this method: "what if," and trying to figure this out? There are vozmost to create an algorithm for automatic map puzzle rastanovka buttons and assimov? Of course with 100% reshimosti. Anyone have any ideas on this score have? Thank you in advance for your help.
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In a pinch you can always generate a already solved the map and moving it the boxes for all the rules of the game in reverse order. Just for the fun levels will have some additional rules for these moves to pick up, that would be more difficult options, and not shift fro one box.

And, you can pour a Rand and check reshimosti. Then a little fix.
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