What type of activity is to specify for the service?

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Good morning.

Planning to create a website/service forecasting on sports.

The algorithm of the visitor:
1. Check
2. The entry fee for a League(leagues/torninova can be 1-10 at a time)
3. Daily exposure scores for the current game day(until the end of the tournament/League)

According to the results of the League/tournament amount(depending on number of participants) shall be distributed among the winners:
1 Place 40%
2nd Place 20%
3rd Place 10%
4th Place 7%

A few questions:
1. For this case I want to open LLC. What types of activities you need to choose?
2. If you will check the idea without opening, OOO, and if it goes(1-2 months). then register, OOO - can cause serious problems with the law?
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The license for bookmaker activity issued by the Federal tax service of Russia on the basis of a written application with the application of a certain set of securities. The license is exclusively legal. entities which founders are the only residents of the Russian Federation.
The total amount of the share capital may not be less than 100 million rubles, in addition, you must provide a Bank guarantee in the amount of 500 million rubles. The licence applicant must document the source of the funds contributed to the authorized capital. The authorized capital of the organization should not be formed with the help of borrowed funds. The real value of own property of the bookmaker minus debts, in other words, net assets must be at least 1 billion rubles.
To open a bookmaker must ensure that its head of experience in the field of gambling. It is confirmed by the entry in the labor book or labor contract.
Separate requirements apply to the location of such an institution:
- the premise for the implementation of the activities of bookmakers or betting should be only in capital structure;
- the room should be partitioned into two areas: service and service participants (clients);
in the room, be sure that there is a separate room for staff, separate for reception, storage and distribution of money, some for protection (this condition is optional for the betting).
The creation of a website for betting on sports is held to the same legal requirements.
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what prevents simply specify
Retail trade carried out directly with the help of information and communication Internet

Activities related to using of computers and information technology, other

Well, when you are connecting PS - I recommend pile on the landing WP or other CMS, do not like this category of the payment when you connect.
For payment:
Interest rate projections as physics will take free-kassa
Eureka unable to accept service on the service pokupo.ru but this is not accurate.

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