How to surf the Internet, passing all traffic through the remote VPN server?

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Good afternoon.
Go straight to the point. I have a Droplet from DigitalOcean. It is quite successfully running SoftEther VPN Server to which I connect with devices running iOS and macOS, sending all traffic through a remote server. Thus, given the geographic location of the server, you can access some resources residing in Russia under a ban. When you configure VPN in Windows 10, I faced a problem that after connection established with the server, the browser no longer open any sites. Tried different browsers - the result is the same. I think that it is in the DNS, but to deal with the problem can not. To resolve I tried to register for the adapter properties IPv4 DNS addresses of the remote server (provided via SecureNAT) and Google DNS. The result is the same - sites do not open. Attempts to "Google" the problem to no avail. Found only about a tick "to use a remote node in the network" removal of a mark which creates a "double" the tunnel and the Internet is working, however, the problem with access to resources that require IP address of another country, remains.
How can I solve this problem?
Thanks in advance for the answer!
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Let's diagnose in the Studio:
- Raised the interfaces on the device and on the server
- The routing table, as on the device and on the server

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