Need environment for management of access control?

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Requires the enterprise to organize access control. Basic requirements:
Feedback from the fans on the aisle.
Contactless Cards or keys. The radius of meter reading.
Authorization for smartphone
Shifts with different work schedules (profiles)
Remote opening and closing of shift according to the temporary schedule =D.
The possibility of photo or video when activated passes.
The administrative interface for the type of Winbox from Mikrotik. And not every cute ovno.
Terminals readers powered by poe.
The terminal or software to watch. So you can see who the pass is used, and a summary.
Downloads attendance employee workplace over different time intervals.
Feedback from terminal with electronic lock and spinner.
Control of nesaproti doors at the facility.
The ability to connect intercom with authorization to print.
Remote opening of the door.


Itself software environment
Type of cards

Well the cheaper the better))))


Displayed on the server monitoring the UPS
Work with printing passes
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3 Answers

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  1. Looking for a firm that deals with signaling, intercoms, etc. in your city
  2. Consult

These guys have an FSB license, prepare for a decent price tag.

Not found in your town, then look for a store that will deliver.
If you have the hardware, it is software.
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Principle TimeControl works with various readers and satisfies most requirements. About integration with video - a year ago, they had beginnings, but no work completed.
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A parsec is can do anything.
BUT! The parsec platform, and all sorts of additional shooting - already a third-party software (from their partners, but nevertheless). To the situation three years ago they were not going to do anything with the gamers. Can what appeared. Management GUI primitively such interfeysik - but not shell, of course.

Not to say that cheap, but I was taken with the works and service (well, and then you will have to and fixes, and the timing samodel usually higher). But cheaper only kitikata with very limited functionality.

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