How to return the "default" woocommerce displaying prices of goods if price is not listed?

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There are current Internet-shop, in which case the prices of the goods displayed button "custom"
In functinon.php my daughter found:
add_filter('woocommerce_empty_price_html', 'empty_price_message'); empty_price_message function() { return 'on order'; }

Most likely this code and practiced. So now have stopped working. As a result, now the products have no prices that show the price of 0 roubles, and the message "on order" and at all is not present. There is again a custom shop, it has all the rules. Ie, if the price is not specified, no not the price nor the customer service...

Understand that little of the incoming data, but you never know. Maybe just tell me where to look?

woocommerc, wordpress and all plugins to the latest versions.
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Myself found. Plugin - Woo Discount Rules byaku brings in the upgrade.
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