Telegram Bot. How to remove Inline messages?

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Hello, madly need your help.
Inline bot sends a message to any from the chat rooms.
By clicking on kapahu, I have to change/remove this message. All anything, but can't catch and message id. If the chat bot is obvious, while in Inline mode do not work.
Sending a message
hint = "Test" try: r = types.InlineQueryResultArticle( id='1', title="Test" description=hint, input_message_content=types.InputTextMessageContent( message_text="Another test"), reply_markup=main_menu(), ) print(query) bot.answer_inline_query( [r]) except Exception as e: print(e)

The Assembly of the keyboard
user_markup = telebot.types.InlineKeyboardMarkup() dept = json.dumps({"command": 1, "type": "dept"}) dept_button = telebot.types.InlineKeyboardButton("Test", callback_data=dept) user_markup.add(dept_button) return user_markup

The result by clicking on copahu
5c538b70be555607766740.pngHow all the same to refer to that message?
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