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Qwerty -> dvorak?

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How to relearn to dial blind code different programs using the Dvorak layout, if it already has managed to learn to type on qwerty?

I understand that programmer dvorak is suitable for typing code in C++ is much better than qwerty. Look at this beauty:

A different kind of parenthesis, quotation marks and other symbols located much easier, and that's not to mention the fact that many of them are typed in lowercase.

In order to know where to poke and not to injure the fragile psyche of home, keys on the keyboard decided not to previability and installed the app "Claviola" which serves as a virtual keyboard. Standard complete with windows to use not so convenient, because it doesn't show which button you just missed it :)

In fact, the method of relearning is the number 1:

To start your training in a specialized program (Stamina, for example. VerseQ to make friends and Claviola I did not get versek will fly, claviola not visible. And Dvorak in VerseQ normal, which is slightly different from the programmer-version), learning for the lesson situation a few keys. A method that requires a lot of time. One lesson requires 6-8 minutes. It's a long time. Because the virtual keyboard has no relationship to the program-obuchalka, and LibAstral.h the author it is also not included. Therefore she doesn't know what symbol you need to click next and not highlight it. Has a long and tedious look at the virtual keyboard and look for the desired character (I already nostalgia scolded). The usual reflex looks real for a few seconds and enters into a stupor :)

Method number 2:

Fire up your favorite IDE and programming. Medlenno, character by character, but to write code "in the field". When trying so, I may say, programming, then there are thoughts that it is better to go back to method 1, and when you sit in obuchalka, I think that it takes too much time and not less effective "method number 2". In General, I'm confused.

I will be grateful for Your advice and thoughts on this.
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3 Answers

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And coming to a new place (to visit, to the workplace colleagues) you will switch the layout to "dvorak"?
You use dvorak?
On qwerty you already blindly typing?
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The solution to the problem. This online simulator is the virtual Programmer dvorak layout (no need to keep third-party app for a virtual keyboard) and auto-delete incorrectly typed characters (when learning a very good thing).
Thank you all.
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I'd printed out on the paper layout to Dvorak and stuck buttons. It will be easier to learn =). A week later-two or three, you can remove them and learn to touch-type.
still, the initial problem is "where is that fucking letter?"
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