Where may be the traffic? How to perform Direct traffic? How popunder traffic is considered?

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The question arose, where did Frank г0вна like this - https://theawesomer.com can be 78% Direct traffic (judging by Similarweb) when the attendance of 1.6 million? I do not believe that one and a half million people handles hammered the url of this site.

What are the sources of the traffic counts Direct?

- bookmarks?
- direct input of the url
and when talking about the purchase popunder advertising is Direct? ie we are talking about the cheapest, no traffic blindly, with questionable sites (even where popunder ads are)
- what else?

Well, for example I decide to buy such a site. They tell me - cores, bunch, Vaughn directs. And if these direct purchased for $ 2 per 1000 visits?
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Ask for Google Analytics and study the traf
When selling always allow access
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