Is it possible to let the network cable at 1 Gbps between the two laptops?

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My task is simple. Between the two laptops to shoot a Gigabit network cable.

100 Mbit is not enough, since one of laptops is a repository which stores large amounts of data. And have to wait a relatively long time until reproduction.

The question is. Gigabit cable connects to the cable at 100 Mbit ? Without any additional drivers ? Or is there another depends on the type of network card.

Two ancient laptop is not on Win 7.
If necessary I can give the exact specifications of laptops
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so what's the problem then?
take the cat5 cable is not below, if the network can auto-negotiation, then the crimp may be straight, if not, you will have to do prekrasny crimped cable and interfaces are given addresses from the same subnet, a computer must belong to one working group

it is still possible to host the Nautique to raise FTP server (faster FTP Protocol anything not yet invented) or be between the sink notikumi to copy only changed

clearly, You'll see
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If both cards are Gigabit then everything will be fine, well crimped EIA/TIA-568A.
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