Git how to work with two repositories and a shallow clone?

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There is an opensource project on github.
I cloned from it one branch "10.0" depth in a single commit. I no longer need, and place Nemer is, if you clone completely.
Created branch "dev" on the computer at work to make changes.
Now I need this thread to send in another private repository, which will be the main.
And from time to time to pull the commits from the original project on github ("10.0") and marjit them into your working branch "dev".
Tell me, please how this to implement?
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1 Answer

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The main repository you have goes under the name "origin". Add a second, for example under the name "main" and shove all the code in there
git remote add main main git push dev:dev

now the update process will look something like this
git checkout master git pull origin master git checkout dev git merge master main git push dev:dev

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