What are the obstacles in the career of a Java Enterprise developer?

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On reflection decided to bet on Java, specifically Java Enterprise.
Planning to go in absentia are not the top University. Learning to train. I have you several questions.
1.Does it matter which University do (understand that the top will not come) with the passage of the internship may not take on an Intern if I go to noname University?
2.What about RosNOU say?
3.Look at the presence of residence in large companies, such as Yandex, EPAM, etc.? (No permanent registration, only temporary)
4.Unable to refuse in large companies because of the lack of a permanent place of residence?Thank you
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The answer is not in Java, but:
  1. Never in all interviews at all levels of development are not asked where I was (nowhere)
    While there, lying, I asked once and it was the worst place I worked and I quit after two hours.
  3. The same answer, never asked
  4. Because did not ask, did not refuse, but I doubt very much that would be
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1.Does it matter which University do (understand that the top won't do)
It is if go to the top. A good University is a great investment in your career.

If you do not do this, then do not recommend getting IN: the crust is not worth the lost time, even migration is not required if you have experience in 5 years (these are the only cases where I have a useful degree).
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Throughout the internship, nobody cares what high school you learn
temporary registration is a complete analogue of a constant, except that it has an expiration date.
all the shit where and how you live
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1) Universities that can really give you what you have described here - units, will have to get myself, so the answer is almost no.
2) don't say
3) I've Never heard of someone that was important in the case of IT, maybe in some housing, I do not know))) If you are the more valuable you will be transported, housed, take actually with another nationality
4) the same,if valuable - no one cares.

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