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Bitrix is not sending emails via msmtp

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Hello, I have Bitrix24 trial installed. Everything setup and runs fine. But it is impossible to send email. Receiving is OK. I checked if msmtp is running via CLI with success. So it seems like Bitrix just doesn´t communicate with msmtp service. Do you have any idea where to start? Thanks.
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The reason is that the home catalog of the scripts is set in HOME=/, which is why the messages to be sent through a Cron job fail to send.
In order to solve the problem, you have to:

  • Create a symbolic link with /home/bitrix/.msmtprc at /etc/msmtprc – the configuration file /etc/msmtprc is a system file for the utility and permits to decide on the configuration file location with such a HOME parameter.
  • Or update BitrixVA to version 5.0.46 or higher.

You can configure the mail server in the Bitrix virtual appliance menu.

  • Select Mail sending system parameters by typing 1 and pressing Enter:

Having acquired the options, the configuration screen will show them for review:

    • Select Yes to save changes.
  • The Bitrix appliance will show the SMTP configuration prompt

  • Specify here the following parameters:

    • SMTP server name - the address of the SMTP server used for outgoing messages.
    • SMTP port - the mail server port: 25 for insecure connection and 465 for secure SSL connection.
    • Default sender address - specifies the address that will be substituted in the e-mail message.
    • SMTP authorization required – type y if you require more security (for example, to avoid unauthorized spamming).
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