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Is it possible to monitor user thanks for advertising in Yandex Direct?

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We use Yandex Direct, but not sure of the effectiveness of advertising.

Customized goals in Yandex Metrica. Know that the conversion rate is 10%.
Ie out of 100 clicks, 10 users are registered.

The problem is, after user registration, to follow him.
We need to know the username(or IP) of the user who has come on advertising.
To see whether he will use the system in a week.

Yes, we see in the Apache access file on what query the user and his IP.
But to manually monitor this process — is not serious.

Is it possible to somehow automate this process?

Thank you!
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3 Answers

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As an option add a base polzovteley a field in which store he came from. In links direct put special parameter (like ?from=direct). When entering this option, keep track of the visitor (session/cookies). During check see if there set a cookie that visitor with direct and fill this field in the database.
And then see will the the user a week or not.
Somewhere there was on habré articles about tracking visitors with context, though the move couldn't find.
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Tried to use services such as WebVisor?
If you know the IP address, then I think problems will disappear.
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get the Yandex site.Metric — help.

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